Falsework, Smalltalk

Falsework, Smalltalk: Political Education, Aesthetic Archives, and Recitations of a Future in Common is an experimental and collaborative archive of autonomous and internationalist interventions into questions of politics, subjectivity and communication that have been raised anew by the “twin crisis” of the global pandemic and insurgent neoliberal fascism.

This relational, curatorial, and editorial expedition is moved by a commitment to politics as a living and not a dead labor, as well as by a relationship to knowing and to institutions that does not find any pleasure in the reactionary call to order. 

The subject matter is addressed by scholars, artists, curators, activists, educators, organizers, and students whose beautifully overlapping lifeworlds give us glimpses of a community and world to come.

Common Tern Works

Imprint of Common Tern, an internationalist cooperative of worldmaking cultural workers. Coordinating cultural production centring the global south.