common tern works

The multi-modal production platform of the Common Tern Coop, the Common Tern Works “label” or “imprint” consciously intervenes in the modes of legitimacy and value provided by the artworld to academia, and by academia to professional politics, and the other way around in both cases. It does so by working across these boundaries and divisions of labour, challenging the institutionalities and publicities preserved in these modes. It courts multidimensional works spoken by and for the figure and labour of the cultural worker as a way to provincialise the formations of the academic, the artist, and the political organiser, and the institutional formations of each of these, native to the Global North, bringing the Global South in their fold through neoliberalism. It will also be an umbrella for the reproduction/reissuing of independent works from friends and artists.

Overseen by a subcommittee of the Co-op, various members of the co-op will offer their capacities to facilitate production under the label. For instance, Folio Books, a publishing house in Lahore, will be one of the key sites of this production.

On the web, it will name a multi-modal publishing community that includes digital version of the texts under the imprint as well as audio and visual works publicised under the label.

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